Pitmaster Classes and Bundles

Single Purchase Pitmaster Classes

Only have the need to master one area? Select from the classes below to get access to a complete Pitmaster Class that includes video tutorials, workbooks and additional instruction. So invite your guests and fire up the grill. This is going to be delicious!


- $50

Learn to make delicious, wood-fired pizza in your own backyard with pizzaiolo Jack Carlisle. Learn everything from making dough, to incredible toppings combinations, in this all new course!

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Smoked Brisket

- $50

From trimming to smoking to slicing, this in-depth pitmaster class will help you smoke the perfect beef brisket your guests are sure to remember. 

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Smoked Chicken

- $50

Master the art of breaking down and cooking chicken with this pitmaster class. Turn a simple chicken into a BBQ hitĀ that everyone will enjoy.

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BBQ Pork Ribs

- $50

Take the guesswork out of cooking ribs! Learn the ins and outs of smoking spare ribs, baby backs, and St. Louis-style ribs in this must-watch pitmaster class. 

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BBQ Pulled Pork

- $50

Perfect pulled pork is a BBQ classic for a reason. Learn the best tips with this smoked pulled pork pitmaster class.

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Smoked Prime Rib

- $50

Susie takes you in-depth on all things prime rib. Everything from trimming, seasoning, smoking, searing, and slicing are covered in this must-have class!

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Smoked Turkey

- $50

Selecting, brining, seasoning, smoking, carving. Preparing a turkey can be overwhelming. Susie takes the guesswork out of it for you in this can't-miss class!

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All Things Steak

- $50

Keep those steaks tender and juicy with this fully informative steak pitmaster class that covers all the cuts.

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Rubs and Sauces

- $50

Become your own recipe creator with this pitmaster class all about making homemade rubs and sauces.

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Meat Buying

- $50

Feeling overwhelmed with all the meat offerings at your local grocer and behind the butcher counter? This pitmaster class will help you buy the best cuts of meat for your budget.

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Steak Cookoff

- $50

Ready to take your cooking skills to the competitive level, or just want to learn more to be come a better backyard cook? Dive into what it takes to create a blue ribbon steak!

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Meal Prep 

- $50

Meal Prep master Sunny Lynn gives you all the tips and tricks needed to prepare a week of delicious, nutritious, ready-to-eat meals, to save you time and money!

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Bundle and Get More Bang for your Buck

Pitmaster Class Bundles

Focus on a few key areas and learn the pitmaster ways with these exclusive Pitmaster Class bundles.  

The Pork Bundle - $80

Ready to make all the pork? The pork bundle gives you the ins and outs of pork ribs and pulled pork with the pork class bundle.

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All Meats Bundle - $100

Do you pride yourself on being the total carnivore? This meat bundle is for you! Access all cuts of meat with these classes.

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The Beef Bundle - $80

Master the fundamentals of beef with this steak and brisket bundle of pitmaster classes.

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Meat Buying, Rubs & Sauces - $80

Enhance your BBQ knowledge with these two in-depth courses on buying meat and making your own sauces and rubs.

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